Apple E-GIFT Carding Method


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May 9, 2017
What you need:
- iPhone or iPad or apple device.
- Good Vpn for your apple device I prefer using a Vpn same as the card country
- A Valid CC


1- Create a new Apple Account same country as your CC.

2- When you reach card information put the card info until it verify you with email and you enter the app store.

3- Try going to an app less than $10 at first to test. and don't buy it. Find the Share button top Right of your screen and then click gift option and send it as a gift to another email.

4-after you do purchase the app. keep purchasing until the card is dead. (Purchase as Gift only, or else card will get flagged)

5- after the card is dead dump the account you purchased the apps with and go to the email you sent the gifts to.

6- Create a new account with the same country you did on the first without payment information.
To do that just go to the store and click a free app and create an account from there.

7- At the end Redeem the codes on the new account and you got the apps you carded.

Common Error codes:
- Card has been declined (You card is dead)
- Please enter Valid card information (Your card is not valid)
- Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction (Your Apple device is banned for some hours and will be back working) <-- This message is the most common one.
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