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Sep 14, 2017
1.u need a strong rdp and shocks 5 of cc holders city

2.get a good cc with balance, remember usage at will kill it after the use open ur rdp, and load your socks to the location of the cc holder

4.get your drop address also ready

5.create an email account and let it match the cc holder name

6.once the account is active, we are ready to move firefox browser clear history and cookies from ur browser by pressing ctrl+shift+del open log on to apple...remember not to copy and paste anything on the page everything u put in should be typed

10.choose your items to purchase and check out

11.the key thing here is, use the same shipping nd billing address

12.dont send to ur drop

the meaning is place the order to cc holders address

13.the billing address and the shipping address should be the same

14.use the new email u created for notifications

15.check out and send, dont waste time on the page

16.if there's no apple ID attached to the email, definitely, create an apple id at that instance

17.and check out

18.if there's balance, it will go thru

19.they will send u a notification via email
waiting for approvaL

20.quickly close the apple page and dont be checking notifications

21.create skype acc in name of cc holder

22.after an hour or two, call them via skype

23.and pretend you're the cc holder

24.tell them that you just moved from your place, u are travelling so they should send item to your partner, friend, or cousin's address

25.then u mention the address to them
be quick and talk like u know what youre doing like an american will do

27. The meaning is tell them ur drop address{it must be same country of cc holder}

28. They will place the order right after your call, remember they will ask u of the order number, cc details, the new address, etc....

29. So all your info should be ready

30. the thing is, if u dont call, order wont be placed on your address

31. the new hint, place order on weekends and also when they're about to close from work....
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