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May 15, 2016
Completely anonymous mailbox - a useful thing, and, of course, such a series exists. But you know, the demand here is very specific: not only hackers, spies, political dissidents and informers want to send letters and not to leave traces, but spammers, extortionists, herdsmen and other amateurs of automation of all the territories. This imposes a lot of restrictions.

The most popular postal worker who works through Tor is called Sigaint

Its logo is an eye with threatening bloody drops under it. "Blood from the eyes" is in this case a very precise metaphor. The interface is straight out of the blue, vyrviglaznaya palette, advertising, raspihannaya here and there, angry captcha (it must be entered and at login, and when sending a letter), the limit on the size of the box is 50 MB, problems with the Russian encoding when sending letters ... In short, user experience about the level of medieval torture.



Alternatives to Sigaint would exist, but they are either paid, for example, Lenatos costs 0.016 BTC for six months, AnonInbox - 0.1 BTC per year, or send letters only to other addresses in Tor.

The second group includes, for example, TorBox and Mail2Tor.

In order for a message sent from one of them to be delivered to ordinary mail in a clearnet, it is necessary to use a relay, and this is a separate headache.

There is a whole class of servers on the basis of open source OnionMail.

If you master the configuration, you can connect to one of them via a regular mailer (via POP3 and SMTP). Suitable, for example, Thunderbird with the plugin TorBirdy TorBirdy. The current list of servers is available in the Servers section. on the site OnionMail. If you are using Linux (preferably Tails), then the OnionMail Wizard (Debian, TAILS, etc ...)


This is how the front side of any site looks like on OnionMail

That's all, it's basically up-to-date list of postal services in the Torah, if you find something else - write, be sure to add.
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