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May 15, 2016
Option 1. Left Sims and SIM cards in bulk.

Of course, we can go and buy a left (“left” means a SIM card that is not on you, which you buy without a passport) SIM and register all the necessary wallets for it. Such SIM cards are sold, as you know, by all sorts of hucksters in your city or urban-type settlement. Traded most often in the markets, in transitions, in metropolitan areas near the subway and so on. The cost of a sim card on average is 50-150 rubles. The algorithm is simple - we buy a SIM card, register wallets, set them up as we need, then at will, you can leave the SIM card or throw it away. Or sell.

Particularly uporotyh can buy a left (I love this word) phone in the region of 500 rubles. insert the left SIM card into it and register the left wallet far from home. Then throw out the phone with Simka. But this option seems to be for the gifted.

But since we are cool drug addicts / drug dealers / opposition / other mischief, this option may not suit us for several reasons:

1) Not as safe as the options below.

2) There is an extra contact that can be avoided.

3) I do not want to use your phone (in case you insert the SIM card into your phone).

4) too lazy to go and buy a sim card.

In principle, the option is not bad for some, but for others it may be "very unsafe! 1".

Now I will tell you about the wholesale purchase of SIM cards. Although what is there to tell, go to Avito, look for an ad in your city, and buy. If in your city there is no wholesale sale of SIM cards, then we are looking for ads in major cities, many barges are sending sim cards by mail.

The price for a SIM card in wholesale, as you can guess, is cheaper than in retail.

Thus, the price for a SIM card can be 20-30 rubles apiece, and even cheaper.

You can register Kiwi, Yandex Money, Mails / Gmails, Telegrams, VKontakte and so on.

Option 2 . We buy ready-made wallets on the Internet.

On the Internet you can buy the wallet you need for electronic money. Such a wallet will be ready for use (usually these are sold), that is, SMS transaction confirmation will be disabled there, emergency codes will be issued or even virtual cards will be included with the wallets (so-called VCC - Virtual Credit Card).

The main problem is that the wallet is bought with electronic money (mainly kiwi, poison, webmoney, rarely sell for cue balls), which you may not have.

If you have Bitcoins, and you have found a huckster for Bitcoins, there should be no problems. If you do not have them, then I will consider several algorithms, in my opinion, the correct purchase.

Find baryg such wallets can be on different specialized forums, it is full of sellers like good. Typically, sellers of such goods have their own store on the Internet. And usually such a store is rented at

The cost of such wallets is extremely democratic - an average of 20-40 rubles.

As an example of finding such a wallet in

Go to the site, click "search for products" in the search, enter the desired template ("Qiwi", "qiwi", "Yandex Money" "yandex money", etc.), the search result will be a list of stores in which There is a similar product. We go to the store, buy goods. The result of the purchase will be a text file containing the login: password from the wallet (or some other information), on which all sms-confirmations and other garbage are already disabled (Kiwi or Poison, there are differences). Go, use.

You have probably already understood that in this method, in order to buy a left-hand Qiwi, you will need a Qiwi. Here is that! If we don’t have any wallets in any of the systems at all, we cannot do without a SIM card! We read the variant

algorithm as follows:

We buy the left sim card> register the kiwi (1)> put there 500 rubles of this kiwi (1) we buy the left aka anonymous kiwi (2) (or several pieces) for 20-40 rubles. according to the method above, we change the rest of the money to bitcoins in the Localbitcoins service or from private money changers (read about exchangers below). Next we need to change these cue balls back to kiwi (2), already to the one we bought for kiwi (1). Then on kiwi (2) we will have money from the exchanger, which we bought for bitcoins. Now you can do the following, money is on kiwi (2), from this kiwi (2) we buy kiwi (3), and with kiwi (2) we change the headstock to the cue ball, then the cue ball back to the kiwi (3). As a result, you get a fairly anonymous Qiwi wallet, the funds on which came from the exchanger. Putting through the terminal can of course as long as necessary. I just described for example. In general, the whole point of the scheme is

Scheme in brief:

Simka Qiwi - buy another kiwi (2) + buy bitcoin, change bitcoins for kiwi (2) - with kiwi (2) buy kiwi (3) + change for bitcoin, then change bitcoins for kiwi (3).

The advantages of this option:

1) Cheap (an average of 20-40 rubles).

2) Initially anonymous. With a good approach can come out even more anonymously.

3) Without getting up from the chair (if you already have a kiwi).

The disadvantages of this option:

1) Do not own a wallet. Here is the "home", and sometimes "purchased." Well, you understand.

2) Store owners have access to your wallet (if you don’t change your password, don’t change kiwi, you need to confirm via SMS), but don't give a shit, they have hundreds of wallets, they don’t watch much.

Personally, my opinion: For one-time transactions will go. Purse for a couple of times. I myself have never encountered theft from a wallet, although theoretically this is possible.

Option 3. Virtual numbers and their rent.

If you have never heard that there are special sites on the Internet that can receive SMS from different services to their numbers for a certain fee and then give you the contents of SMS (usually the code), now you know.

Such sites are not enough. Below I listed the most popular ones I personally worked with:

1) sms-reg. com

2) onlinesim .ru

3) sms-area .org

Everything is quite simple.

Register on the site, replenish the balance, order the acceptance of the SMS of some service for a certain amount, get the code from the SMS. Typically, these services allow you to replenish the balance via Bitcoin, which is an undoubted advantage.

In these services you can order RENT of a virtual number, and receive as many SMS as you need from any services.

The advantages of this option:

1) Pretty cheap. I rented a room for 3 hours and registered a bunch of services.

2) Anonymous. Services accept payment by bitcoins. If you don’t have them, buy under scheme 2 for example.

3) Without getting up from the chair (if you already have a kiwi).

4) Convenient in all respects.

Minuses, compared with other options, I did not find.

Working with wallets, their types, exchangers and other differences:

Register and configure wallets:

Accept sms, register, disable sms transaction confirmation in "Security Settings" (kiwi), issue "Emergency Codes" (Yandex Money), if necessary, issue virtual credit cards (VCC), in Qiwi and Yandex money, some of the details will be displayed in the online wallet, and some will come by SMS.

A little help on the "Emergency Codes" in the poison. Available in 25 pieces. The emergency code can confirm the transaction (some kind of SMS replacement), and the last code can issue another 25 “Emergency Codes”, thus

Why does not enter / not work through Thor:

Also a frequent question.

Some people ask, “Why don't I go to the Qiwi website via Thor?”

The Qiwi site really does not work correctly if requests come from an IP Tor. I don’t know about Yandex Money, everything seems to be normal there.

The Kiwi site does not post any restrictions (as, for example, in the case of Avito). It's just that the site starts to work extremely unstable and loaded for a very, very long time. This does not always happen, that is, the next time, for example, if requests come from an IP Tor, then it can work normally.

But still! When working with Kiwi, I would highly recommend working so that at the end you have IP VPN / Proxy / Dedik and other things that can provide a normal white IP address. Proxy / SSH / VPN / Dediki we buy on any forums (You’ll see a lot of services that provide IPv4 Proxy, see), on Achat, too, Proxy, Dedikov, SSH is full.

Types of wallets and their identification:

Wallets are of different types depending on the level of identification.

For example, Qiwi divides them into three categories: Anonymous, Standard, Maximum.

Anonymous Wallet - not identified. You will have this status immediately after registering with Qiwi.

Wallet Standard - partially identified. You can get this status if you pass the simplified identification on the Kiwi website. You will need to provide: name, serial number of the passport, date of birth and one document to choose from - SNILS, TIN, or the OMS policy number. Data must be entered in the field, scans are not needed.

Maximum Wallet - fully identified. Identification is carried out in person in one of the offices.

Yandex money

The situation as with kiwi, wallets of three types: Anonymous, Named, Identified.

Anonymous - registration status.

Named - with partial remote identification on the Yandex Money website. Fill out the form - get status.

Identified - full identification in case of full-time visit to any office.

Identification of wallets on the left data:


An anonymous wallet is nice, but Kiwi / Yandex Money sooner or later for one reason or another, suddenly, they may be asked to make a personal wallet by identifying themselves through their website. Naturally, you will not identify left wallets with your data or your friends (if you are not an e-bank).

So what is needed? It is necessary to buy these left data through the mighty Internet.

Need to buy left scans.

They are sold on a variety of shady sites and their price varies depending on the configuration, but we need the minimum, so it will cost about 100-200 rubles.

The scheme is simple. We go to such shady sites, look for some trade section, look for scans of passports there.

Baryg so good enough, they have different varieties and colors.

We contact the huckster, after having readily studied his topic on the forum, reading the reviews, if there are any, and so on.

We pay, we receive scan of the passport and, for example, SNILS.

We enter this data into online questionnaires (as on the screenshots above) on the Qiwi / Yandex Money sites, thereby increasing the status of your wallet.

Buying an identified wallet:

You can buy a ready-made, fully-identified wallet from baryg on the Internet (and not only a wallet, but also debit cards). The cost depends on the dick knows what, I did not monitor it. Take the shady resources and explore the topics ahead.


You want, for example, to change your Kiwi or Yandex Money to Bitki.

1) You can use the site Localbitcoins.

Localbitcoins consists of a heap of private money changers. The following happens:

You register on the site, on the main page you can filter such parameters as: Buy or sell bitcoins, Country, currency, then what are you going to buy Bitcoin for? You can buy for Qiwi, Yandex Money, Webmoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, Payeer, money transfers Western Union and Moneygram Steam gifty, Aytyuns gifty, in general, a lot of things.

Filter, choose the necessary money changer, based on his rating or commission, create an application and pay for it according to the instructions. After a successful exchange, your bitcoins will appear in your personal account on the site. You can then withdraw these bitcoences to your bitcoin wallet. Everything is quite simple and intuitive, even a moron.

2) You can use the site exchangers on the Internet.

There is a good site - monitoring exchangers in runet. I myself often use it for need.

Intuitive interface, you can choose what you are going to change and what. It will give a list of exchangers.

Sites there are collected, of course, not all.

3) Money changers on shady resources.

Go to the shadow resources and look for exchangers. They lie in the appropriate sections, if it exists, or banners are hung up above in the sheet, or in the paid advertisement section. Someone WILL NOT ADVERTISE SPECIFICALLY.

Be careful in the following:

Some exchanging sites will want you to receive SMS on your phone if you change Kiwi to Bitki (or Kiwi to something else). Or, for example, only the first exchange with Yandex Money can be delayed for a certain time (12-24-48 hours, indicated on the site of each specific exchanger), while the subsequent changes of poison will occur instantly.

I don’t know the nuances of working with other currencies. However, you can find an exchanger without confirmations or holdings. It all depends on the situation.

Lock Wallets:

Be careful!

The security service of an online wallet may suddenly block it for you.

1) Transfer money to a suspicious wallet.

2) A suspicious wallet transfers money to you.

3) Receipt of illegal funds by you (for example, black money was transferred to you).

And that's not all, one can guess for a long time, by what criteria they select wallets for blocking.

Also, wallets can be blocked by user complaints. For example, in Kiwi, you can complain that the wallet is fraudulent, and you will be blocked.

Wallets Qiwi company loves to block money on them. Thus they earn. Qiwi company blocks wallets, well ... I can not say that often, but I can say that it is not rare.

In advance to learn about the lock can not be. In general, I sometimes get the feeling that Qiwi, as it were, is specially waiting for money to fall into the wallet and only then block it.

For example, in Kiwi, after locking the wallet, you will be asked to contact customer support.

Turning to the joint venture, you will have to provide your full name, wallet number, and most likely you will be required to scan a passport and scan a contract with a cellular operator (which you most likely do not have). I never tried to draw a contract with the operator, and you try it, suddenly a ride and you unfreeze the money.

In Yandex Money, wallets block MUCH less often. This is not just my observation, some people have already written about this in this forum.

General advice on working with wallets.

If you have some kind of illegitimate there, then do not keep a lot of money in your wallets, because the more money you block, the longer you will cry. There was money - change to bitcoin. In Bitcoin, no one will ever block anything to you. Try to change wallets as often as possible.
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