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May 27, 2016
HI guys..! I hope now you all clear with What is carding, requirements, Credit card, BINS, VBV/Non-VBV, Anti-detect and common method to card.

And now it's time to learn carding Amazon.


1.Anti-detect browser[Important]
4.Mac address changer
5.Amazon Old Account [recomended] or you can also create new account
6.Live CC of Amazon BIN.


*Connect the Vpn or socks5 to the CC holder’s location.

*Open mac adress changer and change your mac address.

*Next open Ccleaner, click on analyze and then clean the cache

*Open Anti-Detect and change the settings as your cc holders.

[For example, If your CC holder is in Albama-USA. then set time to Albama.
then set keyboard language to same country. then change other settings also according to the cc

*After setting all the things in Anti-detect browser just click on the generate button and then click firefox symbol.

*Now firefox will open with your configuration[As setted in Anti-detect]

*Now go to mr.whoer and check your anonymity level.

*Then open Amazon [.com or .in or .uk] according to Your cc location.

*login to your old Account [Not yours].

*Add that live CC to your account. then act like a genuine customer by searching some products.

*Now add two products to cart. [one of high price and another of low price]

*Then logout from that account.

*Login again after 10-30 mins.

*Now checkout the item of small price which is already in your cart on COD.

*After 5-10 mins search the product what u wanna card[ Dont go more than 30k], then proceed to checkout and pay with saved card now.

*Fill the billing and shipping details.[read the note below for filling details]

*Because of using Anti-detect your product will ship 99%. if its not then its your mistake [CC may dead, BIN is not perfect, did the method wrongly].

*After your carded product dispatched, cancell the item which we have ordered previously on COD.

That's it guys. plz read the Note below.



*This is for Educational purpose only. Im not responsible for anything or any losses. do this at your own risk.

*It is important to buy live CC of non-avs and amazon BIN
[wanna know what is AVS/non-AVS ]

*If u got a CC of Non-avs and amazon bin then u cant enter any address in your Billing and shipping. suppose u dont have then use BILL=SHIP

*Its not easy to find BIN. I have spent nearly 10k rs to find BIN. if u need this BIN then DM me or comment below.

*Its is Best to card with old account. [Not ur own account.]

*If you are in india then use INDIAN old account and INDIAN CC and set all according to india in Anti-detect.[if u r anti-indian then simply replace ur country name ]

*It is important to use Anti-detect browser but it cost more than 500$ online. so if u need to buy it in cheap rate contact me or comment below.

*If u want to know more about Anti-detect and its working just PM ME.

*Guys this is my own method. so Don't be a leecher

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