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May 15, 2016
Now the opportunity to listen to the phone is not only the special services. There are special spyware programs that are installed on mobile phones and allow other people, such as a competitor or a jealous spouse, to track you. Parents who seek to establish full control over their child can also use similar programs.

What features does spyware have?

Spyware installed on a mobile phone is capable of recording telephone conversations and intercepting SMS messages, and then sending them to the desired address. She can also copy numbers from the contact list, transfer phone location data, and even allow another person to hear everything that is happening around. Thus, it turns your phone into a real "bug".

A corporate phone can be equipped with a battery with a special chip, thanks to which it also becomes possible to listen to conversations and transfer data.

How to determine if spyware is installed on the phone?

Typically, this software does not manifest itself, it is quite difficult to detect. But there are certain signs that may indicate its presence.

1. The phone sits down too fast

An indication that a spyware program is installed on a mobile phone may be that the battery is running out too fast. If the phone battery is constantly hot, this is also not a good sign. Of course, the problem may be in the phone itself, especially if it is already more than a year old. However, it is worth checking it for spyware.

2. Oddities in the operation of the phone

You should also be alerted by the delay when turning off the phone, spontaneous rebooting and turning on the backlight.

3. Extraneous sounds in the handset

If you listen to the phone, you can hear various extraneous sounds, noises and even other people's voices during a conversation with another person.

4. Interference A

cause for concern may be the fact that the phone lying next to the speakers does interfere when you are not using it. This may mean that a spyware program has contacted another phone and is transmitting data to it without your knowledge.

5. Connection to the subscriber is established for a long time.

If you begin to notice that when you call someone, the connection with the subscriber is established for a long time, and likewise, the disconnection took longer to take, this can also be a sign of interception. This is explained by the fact that spyware needs some time to “wedge in” into the conversation.
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