aliexpress methods as per 21/10/2018


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Jan 30, 2018
this is my 1st post never shared my skills in forums i will start to help kids not loose their money

HI all thieves under the umbrella of carding and hacking.
TODAY was approached by some noobs for carding. i decided to start teaching them small carding method and see if they will succeed. here down is just copy and paste of our convo at a group chat. so i just tried to keep my txts in sequence.some where answers to qns and interaction in btn.
amazon my method patched last week i cardrd them so unles i get new method thi new week aliexpress is very easy to card them


Starting with aliexpress

Get your Pens ready

question after i finish paste here

also it goes with it bin but if you lucky youy can card big amount also the method can be used at dhgate and china casion also i will share if commited and dont waste it or cause to patch it

okay that enogh for aliexpress and china shops but not for europian okay valid cc,jshop and feshop are good now you want a massive carding or small carding?

if you want a normal alexpress carding all you need is a cc of that bin i say

massive it has to be prepared for over two weeks

or if you lucky it has to be a week i will teach just get a cc open email with its details or your address whatever

register aliexpress shop mixed things like clothes ,shoes,electronics of big price put them in a cart

take your ccgo open account at paypal or go donate at gofund meltes say 30-100$ dont close your aliexpress then come to your cart remove all the unwanted things and leave the items you want to card for example you carding ssd then must also be hdd,rams and alikes of pcs also there must be a pc in a cart of high value those are the things you leave there then after you removed all clothes and unwanted matrerials you can start card the remained you can start place orders from higher to low

remember on the same time you will be already donated at gofund me teher must not be big range of time btn those activities as a cc holder might block the cc then you will card two things at within 5 mnts leave the pc alone just cad the small things of 90-300 if you want to card more the click the third or forth thing you want to card and it will take you to the decription page again and add it again to cart then will be a pop up screen of alike objects.visit them like ordinary customer within 6-10 mnts then add som of them to cart comeback to cart again and remove the pc and replace with a low price pc again and reduice some itenm again from the cart and start card the remains which where the tartgets now card util they finish or the cc go insufficient you may card even 2000-3000 at per only if the cc is having funds

thats the metghod for small things but if you want to card things of big money then the account must be prepared for over a week i have the full method and the same bin is used
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