Accused Of Hacking Jp Morgan Chase Russian Confesses To The Crime

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May 15, 2016

Citizen of the Russian Federation Andrei T., accused by US authorities of stealing the personal data of more than 80 million JP Morgan Chase customers, pleads guilty before the end of the month. According to Bloomberg, in a deal with the New York prosecutor’s office, the Russian agreed to plead guilty at a hearing next week.

Andrei T. is accused of carrying out key tasks in a cybercriminal gang that illegally received millions of dollars from hacking JP Morgan Chase and other companies. Charges against Andrei T. and his accomplices were brought forward in 2015, but he remained at large for several years, even when the accomplices were arrested. The accused was arrested in Georgia on an international warrant and last September brought to the United States.

After Andrei T. first appeared in court, a hearing on his case was constantly adjourned as the prosecutor's office and lawyers were negotiating the terms of the deal.

On Friday, September 13, the New York City Attorney's Office combined the case of Andrei T. with the case brought against him and others in Atlanta in connection with the hacking of E * Trade.

The head of the cybercrime group, of which the Russian was a member, Gery Shalon was arrested in Tel Aviv in 2015 and sent to the United States. His prosecution is still ongoing and, according to informed sources, he is collaborating with the authorities.
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