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Oct 28, 2016
Magnetic Swipe Readers (MSRs) and Writers

Access manufacture a range of stand-alone magnetic swipe readers (MSR) and writers suitable for many applications. The full range of readers is designed to read cards incorporating a magnetic swipe, including credit, loyalty, gift and log-on cards. In addition, the MSR32x series mag swipe readers can be deployed in airport duty-free shops to read boarding passes and tickets.

Optional mounting brackets are available to enable the readers to be mounted at almost any angle and integrated into the smallest teller position or desk.

Magnetic stripe card writers are available on request. Due to the potential for fraudulent use, we are required to carefully screen potential users before passing information.

Readers are intuitive to operate, with a simple hand-swipe operation. A host connection can be made via industry standard RS232 or USB interfaces. Access also supply keyboards with integrated MSRs and other devices: for more information see the custom keyboard page.

MSR Product Range

ACR7x Series

These easy to program magnetic swipe readers can handle all formats of credit cards and other cards. The ACR75 has a keyboard emulation USB interface, so usually doesn't require a device driver. The ACR76 utilises a serial emulation USB interface. Configuration settings can be programmed and downloaded using the Access IS SoftProg utility and stored within the reader.

OCR34x Series

The OCR34x Series combines OCR and MSR reading, and can be operated via USB or RS232 serial interfaces. In addition to the reading capabilities of the OCR32x family, the OCR34x devices can read ATB2 coupons and one-, two- and three-track credit cards. Its dual illumination OCR reader captures commonly used code lines used on passports, visas, US Resident Alien Cards and European national ID cards.
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