68% of IT professionals can not defend against cyber attacks

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May 15, 2016
Most employees believe that permanent cyber attacks have become the norm for companies.

68% of companies suffered from cyber attacks in 2018, despite all attempts to prevent them. At the same time, 91% of IT-specialists admitted that the attacks were successful, despite the use of modern protection methods. These data are presented in the Sophos report, which was formed on the basis of a survey, which was attended by 3,100 IT specialists from 12 countries.

According to the survey, respondents named email (33%), the Internet (30%), software vulnerabilities (23%), and the use of unauthorized USB drives or other external devices (14%) among the most popular attack vectors. 20% of IT-specialists admitted that they did not know how the networks of their organizations were compromised.

53% of successful attacks were phishing, 35% involved malware, 35% exploits, and 30% extortionists. The most significant risks are respondents called phishing emails (50% of respondents), exploits (45%), as well as the human factor (employees, contractors and customers).

IT specialists interviewed also mentioned a lack of key skills among staff, which makes it very difficult to track the number of incidents and assess the extent of risks. Two thirds of respondents reported budgets that are too low for hiring staff and purchasing technology.
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