3 Ways to Cashout a Credit Card

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May 15, 2016
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Way N.1: PayPal

what you need:

1: Set up a real PP account using your real anon.
2: Wait for validation
3: Get an anonymous SIM card
4: Register yourself to liqpay
5: From PP account create a donation button
6: Using stolen CC's deposit some money using the donation button. (my advice is not much from each card, around £20/30 per card is good)
7: Now buy bitcoins using the PP card by liqpay
8: Transfer your money to your BTC address

Way N.2: Sim Card

what you need:
A bunch of SIM cards
1: Check if your SIM card is refillable online. If so then go on.
2: Now fill your SIM cards using CC's. Its better to do different refills of low amounts.
3: Now subscribe a wallet on blockchain.info (use tor!!)
4: Now make an instant deposit by telephone:
1: select country.
2: select big amount.
3: select payphone way.
4: call and wait.
Good! You now have your BTC in your wallet, you can easily transfer to your address and spend
them. I tried this using a Polish SIM card. This way has high fees but has highest success rate.

Way N.3: Poker

To do this you need an initial investment of 2BTC.
1: Go to https://www.switchpoker.com/en and register an a REAL account for you.
2: Refill that account using 2 BTC.
3: When asked use REAL information of yourself.
4: Now register a second FAKE account using CC information (use tor!)
5: Refill fake account with CC information.
6: Now, using tor and you normal browser, play the 2 accounts against each other and win on real
7: Do some real play to avoid suspicion on real account.
8: After couple of days withdraw your winnings.
9: You have 50% chance of being asked for ID when you withdraw, send it without problem as you
won this money legally


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Nov 6, 2017
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