Telegram Anonymity And Privacy


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May 15, 2016
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Get an anonymous phone number not tied to you via This is to enable two-factor auth as well,
making sure no one can later steal you're account.

This is also where you will do your initial setup of Telegram, while using the number obtained from
We recommend to start with using the service for your Telegram account registration,
they are user friendly and accept btc as well.

1. Setting up your TG client to proxify it through TOR network. Go Settings=>Data Storage=>Proxy,
where you need to tick SOCKS5 protocol and set localhost IP which is, port 9150 is a TOR
network gateway. Don’t forget your TOR browser must be on before you start using Telegram.
2. Register account with and chose some exotic country’s mobile number for your new
TG account. We strictly do not recommend Russia and Ex-soviet countries as Telegram has certain
regulations for local users (it is based in Russia) and a mobile number based in Russia for a device
located outside Russia will result in a block of the Telegram service for you.
3. The next step is setting up 2FA with your TG account. You can do this in Settings/Privacy and
Security/Two-Step Verification. This is important because your temporary number would be unavailable
for you use again, but will be in circulation for others. With 2FA your account can not be stolen.
Sometimes your SMS may not come if that happens just get a new number and go again

1. First, just install/run the portable Telegram upon each bootup (if you're restarting tails). It won't have your
settings/user yet, so close it.
Tails users: to carry the config over between reboots, create/restore a Telegram backup:
Create the Backup
1. Open a terminal window
2. Switch to the ~/.local/share/ directory
cd ~/.local/share/
3. Compress the TelegramDesktop directory into a TarGZ archive.
tar -czvf Telegram-Backup.tar.gz TelegramDesktop
4. Move the archive from the ~/.local/share/ directory to persistent storage
mv Telegram-Backup.tar.gz ~/Persistent
Restore the Backup
1. Open a terminal window
2. Switch to the ~/Persistent directory
cd ~/Persistent
3. Extract to ~/.local/share/
tar xvf Telegram-Backup.tar.gz -C ~/.local/share/
4. Open Telegram
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