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Feb 3, 2018
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Sup guys.

Let me start this off that i have bought a lot of guides on markets about stripe. Probably all of them. They give u an idea, how that thing works. U dive in and do what guide says... u will probably fuck up. Those guides are so fucking complicated as shit. Do this do that, do this amount of payments put a man on mars and shit. I mean those guides work, u can make things work, it isnt impossible. Its a lot and alot of work/dedication. But we carders, we like to keep it simple and quick, am i right... depends on person but i think you can agree. Let me tell you best guide is experience. Ive been working on stripe for a year now, trying to figure out that fucking system. Tried every way possible, keeping it all seem very real and put a lot of work into it. I could say that i have finally got it to perfection. Easy money with minimal work, every mans dream right? Well that doable with stripe.

Now for real talk, with that method, you can pull about 250usd in 15min work if u know what u are doing. Question u might have now, fairly common question to ask anybody who tries to sell u some magic, make u rich quick or some other fairy dust. Sounds too good to be real, it probably isnt. But the question, why? Why am i selling this guide? - Yes, that guide is for sale, not freebie. Why do i wanna give that guide away? I did not plan to do it until i have pulled some good money out myself. I could say i have made myself some serious cash and im quite satisfied. But we carders, we are brothers, we are family. I am willing to help some of you guys out to have a better life.

So you can pull 250usd in 15min. - Yes thats real and true. U could make about 10k a day fairly easy. Thats some serious money. Sounds good on paper.... true. If u go for solid 10k a day u see about 25% of that money fall during the process. Process of waiting the money. Thing the stripe is that u gotta wait 7 days for payout. During the 7 days some of the balance gets fucked and detected by stripe and other fails on the way. The amount depends on luck, but by experience, starting at 10k u get left with about 6-7k. Thats not nearly as a bad result. Thing is, if u have funds. You can go for it every day for a solid week. A week full of work and inputting data like a robot. After a week u lay your legs on table and watch your account blow up... every. solid. day. for. a. week. straight.

Leaving alone the cost of the guide what i am asking, you need rdp and cc. Thats about 15usd investment. 15usd investment and 15min turns it to 250usd. Guide price varies, contact me and we will make some arrangement, but you could expect about 400usd price for guide. U make that back in a day. U can pop out hundreds of guides from markets to stripe for 10usd. Tell me who sells a good working guide for 10usd, unless its been abused so hard that the guide probably wont work. Its spam. Its outdated. Its shit.

1 - My guide
2 - RDP/Socks
3 - CC
4 - Bank drop
5 - Emails (which u create on rdp)
6 - Phone numbers
Basic understanding with stripe is to own a fake website. That probably makes things hard and takes about 90% of the process time. With my guide, no website needed. Only tools which i stated up there.

So, im asking about 400usd for the guide, i think thats quite reasonable price for my full year of work, fail after fail, trying to cook bread from dirt, shitload of frustation. I think i have earned it.

I can also supply you good bin cc which work, instantly. Also i can give good website where u can get rdp instantly. Hell man, i could sell u even bank drop with the guide. I can sell u all the tools needed to make this work.

Contact me on icq - 696536539
Im open to all question and try to reply fast, lets discuss.
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