Linken Sphere - a next-generation antidetect browser



We present to your attention an efficient, convenient, and secure tool for private online work - the Linken Sphere browser. Facebook, AdWords, Bing, multi-account management, and anti-fraud activities now have a universal software solution that easily bypasses virtually any security system and bans.


· A boxed solution that can be set up in minutes. No special knowledge required.
· Leaves no traces on your machine, does not reveal your IP, and does not send hidden requests - connection to the browser through Tor, working in OTR protocol with AES 256 encryption.
· No need for additional programs (Proxifier, Bitviser, Tor Browser).
· Substitutes or hides all necessary fingerprints (GPU, Audio, Canvas, Plugins, Fonts, ClientRects, Ubercookies).
· 50k+ built-in free and 160k+ paid configs, taken from real machines. Emulates any browser, operating system, and device view.
· Data loading from Maxmind.
· Saving, loading, and unloading of cookies and session settings.
· Account warming using a web emulator.
· The ability to work simultaneously with different types of connections (http, SSH, socks, SSH+Tor) and different configurations, 100+ open tabs - this is a reality.

In fact, now you can, in a matter of minutes and without any special knowledge, turn your computer into a machine with the necessary unique characteristics in the eyes of any system.

The license is not tied to hardware (ability to work on different machines), installation on the main OS, virtual machine, and server, versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac - it seems there has never been such a convenient and efficient anti-detection tool.

Friendly and professional support is available for consultation 24/7.
Telegram group with 4.1k+ members.
Official browser website:
Cost: $100/month, $500/6 months, $900/year.

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P.S. The release of a new version of the browser is coming very soon; it will be a completely different product based on a modern approach to the visual and technical aspects with many unique features.
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