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Verified Vendor
May 4, 2024
written by: @Easycred

Required Equipment:

1. Omnikey (for writing the chip data on the card)
2. Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (I recommend the Msr605x)
3. Computer/Laptop
4. Blank card (J2a040 and Unfused)

^^ All the equipment listed above can be found online, like at Amazon for example. ^^

5. Track data. Which should be like this for the track1:
4300232765346056^SURNAME/NAME^ 31052500837291034845

The corresponding track2 should look like this:
4300232765346056= 31052500837291034845

. Software (MSRX, ARQC Gen, Cardpeek, X2a, Jcop English and ATR Tool 2.0)

If you're sure you have all the correct required equipment, we can start swiping.


1. Start up your computer/laptop
2. Make sure you have all the equipment you need (software & track data can be found in my channel listed below)

3. Now run the program MSRX as administrator and plug in your card reader, make sure the program says, "Device Online!". This gives you confirmation that your card reader is correctly connected. Enter the track data you have into the "Track1" & "Track2" boxes, now select the option "Write" and swipe your blank card through your device. To double-check if the data was written correctly select the option "Read" and check if everything is according. If all is good close MSRX and unplug your card reader, you have successfully written the data on the magstripe of the card.

4. Plug in your Omnikey and open the program Jcop English. Select the option "Delete jcop files" to make sure there is no card data. After that restart Jcop English, and enter your track2 data into the "Track number:" tab, it should automatically detect which card script you have (Visa credit, Master credit, etc.). Now select the option "Format Jcop chip" and wait for the program to display "JCOP CHIP FORMATTED WITH SUCCES", after select "Save Track jcop chip" and wait for your Omnikey light to stop blinking. Close Jcop English, don't disconnect your omnikey you're still going to need it for the following steps.

5. Next step, open ATR Tool 2.0. Select your omnikey in the tab "Reader" and select "JCOP J2A040" in the tab "JavaCard". After that select the bank corresponding to your track data, if you don't know what bank it is for search up Bin Checker online. Here you can look up all the info about your bin number which is the first six numbers of your track number or credit card number, for example: 4300232765346056. The first 6 numbers are 430023, so that's the bin number of that specific card. Select the tab "Default" and choose the bank that's corresponding to the data that you're using. If all is good select "Set" and close ATR Tool 2.0.

6. Now for the most difficult program, X2a. Open X2a and select "EMV" at the top. Enter your track 2 into the tab "Track 2" and enter the cardholders name into tab "cardholders name". This can be found in track 1 number like this SURNAME/NAME, enter this the same way into X2a. After that enter the application label into the tab "Application Label (10 letters)". This label can also be found in Bin checker and should look like this: VISADEBIT, VISACREDIT, AMEXCREDIT, etc. Select the card type for your info under the text "CREDIT", you should have the options: MASTERCARD, VISA, and AMEX. Under the text "WRITTER" select the option "Omnikey".

Screenshot 2024-03-02 132012 (1).png

7. Now stay on EMV don't close anything. Select the box "Change Data" next to the "Expiration Data" and enter the expiration date into the tab. The date is the first six numbers after the credit card number so for example our date is 310525 or in other words May 31st, 2025, 4300232765346056= 31052500837291034845. If that is entered, enter the AID into "AID" tab, which is basically data that recognizes which bank is issued. If you don't know what AID you need look in my channel, I posted a full list there. For now, I will use 31010 as the standard aid for visa. Enter the pin into the "Pin" tab, the pin should be given with the track information. Do the same for the tabs "Country Code" and "Currency" which lists are also posted in my channel. For both these tabs, I will use 0840 which is the code for both the United States and USD. Now click "Credit" at the bottom of the tab and for it to give the pop-up "Completed job!". After all that is done, select the "IST LOAD" tab at the top.

8. Here select, "Open..." this will let you select an IST. file out of your files. Select the IST. file corresponding to your bin number, if you don't have the ist you are looking for i would recommend looking at my full IST list which is for sale in my channel. After that, enter track2 into the "Track 2" tab and do the same for the cardholder's name, application label, country code and currency. It's just a matter of copying & pasting.

9. Don't close X2a yet, open ARQC Gen. Enter your card number into the "Pan (Card number)" tab and select the country code and currency code corresponding to your information into the "Country Code" and "Currency Code" lists. Enter the expiration date as you did before in step 7 into the tab "Date (YYMMDD)" and select "Generate ARQC". There now should be a combination of numbers and letters in the "ARQC" tab, copy & paste this into "ARQC 1" tab in the X2a program. Double-check if all is gone correctly. If all is good, select "Burn" and wait for the "Completed Job!" pop-up. You're now done with X2a and ARQC Gen, you have successfully written the chip of the card. Exit both programs.

10. (Optional but recommended) Open Cardpeek and select "EMV" on the option "Analyzer" at the top. The program will now scan the card from your omnikey device. A couple of pop-ups might come up, select "Yes" for all. The loading process should take around 5 minutes, if this is not the case something might have gone wrong. After the loading has been done there should be a lot of data showing on your cardpeek program. I recommend going through it globally and picking out the important parts like "Usable at atm" to see if everything is okay. Once you're done with that and all is good, you can exit Cardpeek. YOU have successfully swiped a card!;)

For more information or other inquiries, you can contact me at: https://t.me/easycred


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