Apple AirPods Pickup Method 2023


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Sep 14, 2017
What You Will Need :
  • Buy Picker Zip CC
  • Socks5 IP or VPN
  • Someone to Pickup (Can be your whitehead)
  • Picker's Full Name and Address
  • Create an email matching the cc name
  • Two void numbers
Steps to Cart AirPods Pickup Method
  • Connect your Ip to the Zip or State of your Picker
  • Then go to the apple website, which is, and click on accessories
  • Scroll till you see holiday gifts and click on AirPods (2nd generation) or accessories below $200
  • Then click on Add to Bag
  • Make Sure you only select one in the quantity section
  • Click on the check out button to proceed
  • Continue as guest
  • Then enter the Picker Zip Code and apply
  • You will see a list of close apple stores around the zip
  • Choose a store not too close to your picker's address
  • Select details that is good for picker time to do it
  • Choose that someone will pick it up for you
  • enter details of picker
  • now put all details that match the email of cc and void number
  • enter cc details and in the cc details billing address put the cc billing original details
  • place order
  • CC must be valid and live it will be ready for picker up the next day or the same day
look for your email instructions on how to pick up the item. Picker Names need to go to the store with the ID matching the name you used on the picker section. He must write down the Order number sent to the email instruction to pick up the AirPods.The order number will only be used to verify the picker's name and not for security purposes, so, no need to be scared
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