2 teenagers hacked into a US intelligence database, posing as a policeman


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May 15, 2016
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The attackers collected the personal data of users of social networks, and then blackmailed them.


On March 14, US police arrested a 19-year-old teenager suspected of belonging to a criminal group « ViLE » on charges of breaking into a police account.

The U.S. District Attorney's Office said Sagar Stephen Singh ( 19 years old ) along with their accomplice Nicholas Seraolo ( 25 years old ) not only blackmailed the victims, threatening to post their personal data on the network, but they also submitted « emergency requests » ( emergency request ) to social networks, requesting information about users. The names of social networks are not disclosed. Criminals deceived social media representatives by asking for information about users under the pretext that « the death of these people is inevitable ».

In the database under consideration there are « confidential records of drug and currency seizures », as well as « law enforcement reports ». This means that perhaps this is the database of the Office for the Fight against Drugs ( DEA ). According to court documents, criminals seek affidavit on the Internet ( affidavit ) and distribute them to other intruders by publishing them on forums.

Sagar Stephen Singh appeared before the federal court yesterday, and 25-year-old Seraolo is still at large. If the court finds Seraolo guilty, then he can get up to 20 years for conspiracy to commit fraud using electronic communications, and together, accomplices can be sentenced to 5 years in prison for conspiracy to commit computer intrusions.

According to prosecutors, Singh and Seraolo used police records to access « a password-protected » web portal supported by the US federal law enforcement agency. The portal exchanges information from government databases with state and local government law enforcement agencies.

The prosecutor's office claims that the criminals got access to the portal using the « Weep » descriptor, and then, using personal data from the database, blackmailed the victims. ViLE is described as « a cybercriminals group specializing in personal data of victims, which is then used to harass, threaten or extort – a practice known as doxing.

– urgent requests from governments around the world to social networks to find out the necessary information about the account during the investigation or prosecution of the user. For example, in the first half of 2022, various special services requested Meta * from 237,000 users. Meta * has completed more than 75% of such requests. Each request is carefully checked by lawyers, and the company may reject the request or require more specificity if the request covers too wide a circle of persons or has a vague wording.
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