uac bypass

  1. zelanka01

    Quantum Lnk Builder 2024 [Cracked]

    Overview The new and improved QuantumBuilder will make your payload look like any file format (.png, .mp4, .doc, ...), just like our other project, but you will be also able to send the plain .url without using .Zips and even attach it to Gmail with no Chrome warnings. Also any file can now be...
  2. zelanka01

    XWorm v5.6 Lifetime Edition

    New Features : ✅ Drag And Drop Files [File Manager - Monitor - HVNC] ✅ Run HVNC In Memory ✅ Copy / Paste Text [HVNC] ✅ Extract Video Thumbnail [File manager] ✅ Vulnerability Fixed ✅ Support All Systems ✅ Change Group Name ✅ Multi screen support ✅ Bypass UAC Fixed + Fodhelper method ✅ You can...
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