1. C

    Pay Pal Charge Back Job

    I need help with pay pal charge back job
  2. L

    I Need Teacher

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for Teacher, Master, Partner. I wanna learn carding. I'm new for this. I was sccamed 7 times. If you scammer don't contact me, I have good experience already. I need honest teacher. Teach me i will make you millioner.
  3. C

    Help Me Out!

    If Anyone Can Spot Me $1000 Or Higher, That Would Be Lovely...I Am An 18 Yr. Old In College And Everything Is Just Not Going Well Right Now And I Am BEYOND Broke...
  4. sharkyt19

    Ebay Carding method

    Hello! This method has been avaiable from may it is still working now (It doesn't have a 100% sucess rate, but if you try it will work) 1. Connect to a good vpn ip Austria... more recomended is a vps austria/germany.. 2. go to and create an account...take the info from...
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