1. zelanka01

    Silver Bullet Pro control the browser's

    Updates + Added Puppeteer3rdPartyCookies block (designed to control the browser's third-party cookie settings using Puppeteer) + Added find element by xpath in puppeteer + Added FirstKeyFoundAndExit option to KeyCheck block (When enabled, if a valid key is found, this option immediately halts...
  2. zelanka01 Checker with Capture by Franklin [Proxyless]

    Features [x] Proxyless [x] Fast [x] MultiThreading [x] Full Capture Log Format ---------------------------------- Used Quota : 0/20 GB ---------------------------------- |- [File] Welcome to MEGA.pdf - 975198 bytes - 10/19/2023 1:01:35 PM Requirements .NET 8.0...
  3. K

    Open Bullet Anom Mod - 1.4.4

    Best version of openbullet comes with some nice configs which are paid for, alot of bank brute configs in here. Including amex, td, chase, simplybank, movo and a few more. Enjoy :) Might need to check for updates as its updated on the regular. I would advise this. However it is not needed, but...
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