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  1. Easycred

    EMV Tutorial: How To Encode A Blank Card 2024

    EMV TUTORIAL: HOW TO ENCODE A BLANK CARD 2024 written by: @Easycred Required Equipment: 1. Omnikey (for writing the chip data on the card) 2. Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (I recommend the Msr605x) 3. Computer/Laptop 4. Blank card (J2a040 and Unfused) ^^ All the equipment listed above can be...
  2. ValidStuff

    ( Validstuff ) Vendor Of Fullz Info With Document

    Greetings Everyone! We are glad to announce our Fullz Documents selling service. We are happy to deliver right goods to our customers, Fresh Updates Daily World Fullz With Documents.. The best prices and quality you can't find any where else . 10000+ of bins to choose from USA / CA / EU / UK...
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