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  1. Rich Allen

    Anonymous/Secure VPS Anyone know if these VPS services are secured and anonymous? I need something that doesnt keep logs. I know they all keep logs but atleast something really secured and maybe offshore. I need advice and opinion guys. Help a brother.
  2. Rich Allen

    Apple & Samsung Online Carding By ( Clubb )

    Is your iphone service still available?
  3. Rich Allen

    Pro Carding Tips Only For RealCarders Users

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Rich Allen

    Im looking for a online job

    Hello im looking for a online to make some money im new at carding but i have knowlegde in some things and i open to learn contact me in icq:728205806 obs:im live in south america
  5. Rich Allen

    5400 + Proxy Scraper Script

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